1. Tangerines & Ice Skates


    1. Instagram has a new feature. When I want to tag someone in a photo, it asks me to, ‘Search for a person.’ When I hovered the tip of my finger over your face, it asked me, ‘Who’s this?’  

    It seemed funny.

    2. At the self-service checkout, you needed ID to prove you were old enough. I watched from across the store as you stood still (in mild confusion) as the computer yelled out, ‘APPROVAL NEEDED, APPROVAL NEEDED, APPROVAL NEEDED. APPROVAL NEEDED’

    3. I kissed your nose.

    4. I keep writing these lists but there’s no real reason to number anything. I just saw someone do it some time and I liked the way it looked.

    5. Yrs truly, the girl.

    6. At the party you shouted, ‘Can you play ‘Trouble’ by Taylor Swift?’ and I watched the person with the laptop type, ‘Elliott Smith’ into YouTube and I had to explain that he had misheard you. I had to say, ‘Trust me, he wouldn’t say that, not now.’ I had to say, ‘Trust me, he wants Taylor Swift. We all do.’ And I felt like I saved us all from something unthinkable.

    7. And it turns out I can only enjoy art galleries when they’re empty, I guess.

    8. And it turns out everything I want to communicate through my art is contained in the 1997 Oasis song, ‘Stand By Me’

    9. But what was the last novel I read though?

    10. Rocket by Beyoncé

    11. I didn’t realize I had driven home until I pulled into the driveway.

    12. Internal dialogue.

    13. ‘I am alive with you’ is fast becoming my new favorite Frank O’Hara line.

    14. And the raindrops resting on the umbrellas, reflecting the Christmas lights on the tiny market street, with our 2 litre bottle of champagne and an open bag of chips.

    15.  It’s funny to think of us, oblivious to the future we have now lived.

    16. It’s funny to think of us.

    17. Oblivious.

    words by LK Shaw
    art by Bob Schofield

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    1. Instagram has a new feature. When I want to tag someone in a photo, it asks me to, ‘Search for a person.’ When I...
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    1. Instagram has a new feature. When I want to tag someone in a photo, it asks me to, ‘Search for a person.’ When I...
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