There is no humidity
    quite like the wooden pyramid
    resting on your back.

    The world is flat, but infinitely thick.
    And my life is the hole I stand in
    so plants can learn fear
    for the first time.

    You cannot dig a well deep enough to fill the iron lung.  

    In two days, I will stagger.
    In two days, everything will stagger.

    And the teacher will be another chalk outline,
    an elephant on stilts,
    the mouth in my pocket.

    I use my plough to touch your supermarket.

    And you find yourself at a loss for words
    about which slice is superior.

    I think Stevens would have said,
    There’s a ghost next to me.
    But Shane Jones said it first.

    The world is flat, but infinitely thick.
    And my life is the hole I stand in
    so plants can learn fear
    for the first time.

    Look at me, a bowl of water, repeating kindergarten from the ground up.

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    here’s a video of a sweaty version of myself reading this poem at the shabby doll house reading
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    I think I’m addicted to the feeling of almost understanding something but not quite.
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