1. deirdrecoyle:

    Review: The Inevitable June by Bob Schofield

    Reading The Inevitable June is like being in a lucid dream with really good-smelling paper. Bob Schofield (@bobschofield) takes an unnamed narrator day-by-day through a surreal month—sometimes in paragraphs, sometimes in images, sometimes both.

    Certain days in Schofield’s June felt like my own dreams, half-remembered. In other passages, Schofield’s imagery felt so radically foreign that I had to read the sentences over and over, building the image in my head as if from scratch. That isn’t what sentences usually do, by the way—ask you/force you to build an image from scratch. Schofield doesn’t give us a new phrasing of a familiar image or idea; he gives us a new image. For example, “This morning I am emptying my inner monologue over the grass.” Or “Some blankets fly overhead as I swallow another closet.”

    In an interview, Schofield said the book is “not a secret message to be decrypted.” This is an appropriate, or at least relaxing, thought—why would I want to decrypt anything when I could be swept along through a hypnagogic visualization of June without forcing myself into Jungian dream analysis? I’m concerned about June 2014, now. It’s inevitable—sure—but it won’t be this good.

    Deirdre said nice things about my book. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks the paper smells good.


  2. caitlinlouiseart:

    Paysage Orageux (1900s)


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  3. electronochuckyoung:

    a girl whose laugh sounds exactly like the sound it makes when you die in mario bros. 


  4. cosmogyraal:

    not sure how i feel about shabbydollhouse, right now. it difficult to find something i feel ok about, everything posted on there manages to summon extreme emotions in me and they’re not all on the positive side. 

    i lied, i know how i feel about them; i love each and every stranger who runs and contributes in making shabby doll house the emotional/real haven it is.



  6. naphypelabs:


    April 29

    Activity Book

    by Kelly Schirmann (kellyschirmann)

    Cover art by Bob Schofield (bobschofield)


  7. chadmsirois:

    Wassily Kandinsky - Moonrise, 1903

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  8. FIRST AND LAST TRICK by Bob Schofield



  10. electronochuckyoung:

    i don’t really know how to review things.

    two thumbs revolving slowly in midair



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    'quarter 4' (edited by bob schofield) is now open for submissions:




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    The Doctor

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  15. DATE NIGHT by Bob Schofield