1. kdecember:


    most things can get worse

    i feel like you’re saying this from on top of a mountain and i heard it in my car today while driving, to find where worse doesn’t give in to worse.

    it wasn’t a mountain it was a tall tree but yes.

    still, i think you are driving in the right direction. just beware of oncoming traffic.

    know that the oncoming traffic might get worse.

  2. septagonstudios:

    Gelrev Ongbico

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  3. most things can get worse

  5. danielasherer:

    2 nude dudes gif. A novel I’ve illustrated was published last week in Israel, and there are doc vid links within it (you scan the book with your smartphone = interactive madness.) Here is a gif out of the animated intro I made for those vids.

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  6. I’d invite you with me but the whole point is that it’s empty.

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  7. how much less miserable would life be if rod serling was always standing 90° to our right, a chain smoking fairy godmother, ready to wax a little poetic and brace us for all the weird dumb shit we go through every day.

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  8. "For a writer it’s good to be angry all the time because then more people can like your work."
    — Ron Padgett, How to Be Perfect (via bobschofield)

  10. feel like i mention ‘ghosts’ a lot mostly bc it seems the easiest way to talk about being not white w/o a lot of prefacing and due diligence

  11. whatmountains:

    Mary Ruefle


  13. momwank:


    attn people who were in aw baby yr sunburned
    globeandmale, mmindwater, psychicsycophantbobschofield nau-see, liverwart, skeletongrazed, podgelet, casualsnail, hardlyarthardlygarbage 

    i am sending out all your contributors’ copies on friday (i think some of you may have already gotten them though)


    cool news is my place of employment wants to promote the thing
    so my boss is going to buy all of my copies (!!!) (???) and then try and sell them for me at the shop

    weird/cool/exciting is the best combo.

  15. electric-cereal:

    Ghosts by Moon Temple

    It’s a bad idea to become close to a writer because it hurts to know the truth about yourself. Your heart will be pierced. It becomes suffocating. At the age of eight, in the summer-time, I would swim at a swimming pool with the day-camp group my grandma paid for me to be a part of. Paid for me to get out of the house, interact with others my own age, gain useful life-lessons from the high school-aged counselors managing the camp. In the pool, the older boys would often swim up behind me, putting one hand on my head and the other around my shoulders, and dunk me. Every time felt like death. So sudden. I’d be gasping for air for a full minute after. The way other people speak about you when they don’t realize you are listening. The way other people see you. The words feel suffocating.

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